Women / Persons ~ P11442

Caroline Norton

Alternate Names:
  • Mrs. Norton
  • Lady Stirling Maxell
  • Lady Stirling Maxwell of Keir
  • Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
  • Caroline Elizabeth Sheridan
  • The Honourable Mrs. Norton
Gender: Female
Life Dates: 22 March 1808 – 15 June 1877
  • Activist, Women's Rights
  • Beauty, celebrated
  • Irish
  • Reformer, political
  • Society or High Rank
  • Writer, Novel
  • Writer, Poetry
Note: Irish type because five Irishwomen write about her, mostly in books claiming to be about Irishwomen. Granddaughter of playwright Sheridan; Did not campaign for equality of women, but for fair legal reform in matrimonial and custodial issues
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