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The Female Poets of Great Britain, Chronologically Arranged: With Copious Selections and Critical Remarks.

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1B16795Lady Juliana Berners
2B16796Queen Anne Boleyne
3B16797Mrs. Anne Askewe
4B16798Queen Elizabeth
5B16799Mary, Countess of Pembroke
6B16800Miss Elizabeth Melville
7B16801Lady Elizabeth Carew
8B16802Lady Mary Wroth
9B16803Anne, Countess of Arundel
10B16804Mrs. Diana Primrose
11B16805Mrs. Mary Fage
12B16806Miss Anna Hume
13B16807Mrs. Anne Bradstreet
14B16808Miss Ann Collins
15B16809Miss Mary Morpeth
16B16810Mrs. Katharine Philips
17B16811Princess Elizabeth
18B16812Mrs. Frances Boothby
19B16813Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle
20B16814Miss Anne Killigrew
21B16815Anne, Marchioness of Wharton
22B16816Mrs. Taylor
23B16817Mrs. Aphra Behn
24B16818Lady Mary Chudleigh
25B16819The Honorable Mary Monk
26B16820Anne, Countess of Winchelsea
27B16821Miss Esther Vanhomrigh
28B16822Mrs. Susanna Centlivre
29B16823Mrs. Catherine Cockburn
30B16824Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas
31B16825Mrs. Mary Barber
32B16826Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe
33B16827Mrs. Jane Brereton
34B16828Miss Mary Chandler
35B16829Miss Eliza Heywood
36B16830Miss Elizabeth Tollet
37B16831Mrs. Latetitia Pilkington
38B16832Mrs. Mary Leapor
39B16833Henrietta, Lady Lexborough
40B16834Mrs. Pennington
41B16835Miss Mary Masters
42B16836Mrs. Madan
43B16837Lady Anne Irwin
44B16838Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
45B16839Mrs. Frances Sheridan
46B16840Miss Mary Jones
47B16841Mrs. Anne Steele
48B16842Mrs. Frances Brooke
49B16843Mrs. Greville
50B16844Miss Constantia Grierson
51B16845Mrs. Henrietta O’Neil
52B16846Mrs. Mary Robinson
53B16847Mrs. Hester Chapone
55B16849Miss Elizabeth Carter
56B16850Mrs. Ann Yearsley
57B16851Miss Caroline Symonds
58B16852Mrs. Charlotte Smith
59B16853Miss Ann Seward
60B16854Miss Scott
61B16855Mrs. Mary Tighe
62B16856Misses Maria and Harriet Falconar
63B16857Miss Elizabeth Trefusis
64B16858Miss Alicia Cockburn
65B16859Mrs. Hannah Cowley
66B16860Isabella Countess of Carlisle
67B16861Mrs. Leicester
68B16862Mrs. Hannah More
69B16863Miss Helen Maria Williams
70B16864Mrs. Eleanor Anne Franklin
71B16865Miss Susanna Blamire
72B16866Mrs. Mary Brunton
73B16867Anna Laetitia Barbauld
74B16868Mrs. Lady Anne Barnard
75B16869Mrs. Anne Grant
76B16870Mrs. Anne Hunter
77B16871Mrs. Hester Linch Piozzi
78B16872Mrs. Ann Radcliffe
79B16873Mrs. Henry Rolls
80B16874Lady Burrell
81B16875Miss Lucy Aikin
82B16876Mrs. Amelia Opie
83B16877Miss Joanna Baillie
84B16878Mrs. Margaret Hodson
85B16879Miss Mary Russell Mitford
86B16880Mrs. Mary Howitt
87B16881Mrs. Caroline Southey
88B16882Mrs. Felicia Hemans
89B16883Mrs. Tonna
90B16884The Honourable Mrs. Norton
91B16885Mrs. Laetitia Elizabeth MaClean
92B16886Mrs. Abdy
93B16887Mrs. Ellis (Sarah Stickney)
94B16888Miss Jewsbury
95B16889Lady Flora Hastings
96B16890Mary Anne Browne
97B16891Mrs. Sara Coleridge
98B16892Miss Eliza Cook
99B16893Mrs. Frances Anne Butler
100B16894Mrs. Elizabeth Barrett Browning
101B16895Miss Lowe
102B16896Miss Charlotte Young


  1. Frederic Rowton · Author


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