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Queens of Beauty and Their Romances

  • national, several periods


1B19975A Puritan Wife (Mrs. Lucy Hutchinson)
2B19976A Fair Woman with Discretion (La Belle Hamilton)
3B19977From the Castle to the Convent
4B19978Rival State Queens (Mrs. Bracegirdle; Nancy Oldfield)
5B19979A Saint In Society
6B19980La Belle Dame Sans Merci (Lady Mary Pierrepoint)
7B19981Maids of Honour (Mary Bellenden; Molly Lepel)
8B19982“The Goddesses” (Maria Gunning)
9B19983A Victim of Indiscretion (Lady Charlotte Bury)
10B19984A Crown Well Lost (Lady Sarah Lennox)
11B19985A Political Siren
12B19986The “Twin Wives” (Agnes Berry; Mary Berry)
13B19988The Romance of Two Royal Duchesses (The Duchess of Cumberland; Maria, Countess of Waldegrave)
14B19989“The Wild Irish Girl” (Lady Morgan; Lady Clarke)
15B19990“The Nightingales of Bath” (Mrs. Sheridan and Mrs. Tickell)
16B19991“The Three Graces” (Mrs. Sheridan; Helen, Marchioness of Dufferin; Mrs. Norton)
17B19992The Heiresses of Rose Hill (Countess of Charlemont)
18B19993The Queen of Almack’s (The Countess of Jersey)


  1. W. Willmott Dixon · Author


  1. London: Hutchinson, 1907
  2. New York: Appleton, 1907