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Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Moore Hewitt

Alternate Names:
  • Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Hewitt
  • Mrs. Mary E. Hewitt
  • Mary Elizabeth Moore
  • Mary Elizabeth Moore Hewitt Stebbins
Gender: Female
Life Dates: ca. 1807 - ca. 1894
  • American (US)
  • Author or presenter
  • Editor or publisher
  • Writer, Poetry
Note: There is little or no general consensus as to this Person's specific Life Dates. While some sources cite her birth year as 1818, most seem to agree that she was, in fact, born in 1807. Among those who agree that her birth year was 1807, some report that her birth date was March 20, 1807, while others list it as December 23, 1807. Similarly, some sources cite her death date as September 17, 1884, while others cite it as October 9, 1894. An online search for an image of her tombstone yielded no results. This Person was an acquaintance of Edgar Allann Poe, and he writes a description of her in his "Literati of New York City."
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