Women / Persons ~ P11236

Marianne Farningham

Alternate Names:
  • Mary Anne Hearne
  • Mary-Ann Hearne
  • Eva Hope
Gender: Female
Life Dates: 17 December 1834 - 16 March 1909
  • Author or presenter
  • Editor or publisher
  • Educational founder, schoolmistress
  • English
  • Journalist
  • Speaker, Lecturer, Public Reader
  • Writer, hymns
  • Writer, Nonfiction
  • Writer, Poetry
Note: This Person was born Mary-Ann Hearne, but later took the name of her village, Farningham, as a pseudonymous surname. This Person wrote "Queens of Literature of the Victorian Era" under the pseudonym of Eva Hope. She was the only female member of the school board of Northampton. She wrote for the Christian World newspaper, as well as editing the Sunday-School Times and Home Educator papers.
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