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Documentary Social Networks

Collective Biographies of Women develops ways to study social networks Documentary Social Network Graph formed not by the participants themselves but by biographical documents. It is a contribution to prosopography.


Based on a bibliography, Collective Biographies of Women identifies more than 8,000 women in more than 13,000 short biographies. These lives of obscure as well as famous women are surprisingly diverse, from many countries and eras: not only queens, saints, beauties, or good wives, but also warriors, reformers, scientists, murderers, performers, and many other types and individuals.


Collective Biographies of Women examines more than 1,200 collective biographies of women written by men as well as women. The exhaustive bibliography covers books published in English 1830-1950, and many other books from ancient times to the present appear in additional lists. See a growing collection of texts and page images, or search online archives.


Investigating the versions of historical women in this genre of printed books, Collective Biographies of Women also advances digital interpretation of narrative. Read more...