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Susan McKinney Steward

Alternate Names:
  • Dr. Susan S. McKinney
  • Susan McKinney M.D., Ph.D.
  • Susan S. McKinney M.D.
  • Susan Maria Smith
  • Susan McKinney Steward
  • Susan Maria McKinney Steward
  • Susan S. Mck. Steward
  • Dr. Susan McKinney Steward
Gender: Female
Life Dates: March 1847 - 17 March 1918
  • African American
  • American (US)
  • Educator, professor
  • Medicine (doctor)
  • Musician, composer
  • Teacher
Note: third Af Am woman to earn medical degree; member of Brooklyn College of Pharmacy. Organist, Choirmaster. m. a minister, then a soldier
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