Women / Persons ~ P25283


Gender: Female
Life Dates: ca. 520 BCE - ca. 460 BCE
  • Classical Greek
  • Legendary
  • Pacifist
  • Patriot
  • Wife of notable man
  • Wife with Great Influence on Husband
Note: Plutarch: Daughter of Pythes and Iapygia, Pieria allegedly contributed to ending a war (the Ionian Revolt, 499 BCE to 493 BCE) between the Ionians at Myus and the sons of Neleus at Miletus by marrying the prominent figure Phrygius (eventually king). The couple met during a temporary, gendered truce when the women of Myus visited Miletus for a festival to Diana. Pieria's story resembles the marriage of Berenice of Cyrene to Ptolemy III in 246 BCE (2021 paper, Brett Evans at Georgetown, gives multiple sources - Callimachus, Aristaenetus, Plutarch, Polyaenus for Pieria's story)).
persons with degrees of separation from Pieria