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Eliza Ann Gardner

Alternate Names:
  • Eliza Ann Gardener
  • Eliza Ann Gardiner
  • Eliza Anne Gardner
Gender: Female
Life Dates: 28 May 1831 - 4 January 1922
  • Abolitionist
  • Activist
  • Activist, Civil Rights
  • Activist, Women's Rights
  • African American
  • Member of committee or club
  • Model of faith, piety
  • Model single woman
  • Reformer, religious
  • Sempstress, milliner
  • Teacher
  • Temperance worker
Note: Part of the Underground Railroad, National Association of Colored Women, A.Me. Zion Church. Instrumental in making it possible for women to become Chaplains in the A.Me. Zion Church. Was a talented dressmaker and also taught Sunday School.
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