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Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Tanner

Alternate Names:
  • Sarah Elizabeth Miller
  • Sarah E. Miller
Gender: Female
Life Dates: 1804 - 1914
  • African American
  • American (US)
  • Missionary
  • Model of faith, piety
  • Mother of notable man
  • Mother of notable woman
  • Mother Who Has Lost a Child
  • Teacher
  • Wife, example of domesticity
Note: Devoted to her home life and motherhood. Noted to be good at finances, which her husband left for her to do because of her aptitude. Also devoted to the church and became a Sunday School teacher and spent time as a missionary. Her children grew up to be successful, her daughter a physician, and her sons an artist and a minister, respectively. Life dates hard to find in outside sources but the suggestion that she lived to be 110 years old seems to be inaccurate, much like the other confusing life dates found in 'Homespun Heroines.' No accessible external information was found.
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