Women / Persons ~ P12132

Wives, concubines and courtesans

Alternate Names:
  • Chao Fei-yen
  • Pan Chieh-yu
  • Flying Swallow
  • Yang Kuei-fei
  • Sun Shou
  • Hsi Shih
  • P'an Fei
  • Round Faced Beauty
Gender: Female
Life Dates:
  • Anonymous set
  • Asian, East
  • Beauty, celebrated
  • Legendary
  • Mistress of aristocrat
  • Mistress of royalty
  • Performer, dancer
  • Slave, bondservant, former slave
  • Wife, example of domesticity
Note: General description of Confucian ideals of married womanhood and historical anecdotes about named courtesans and concubines of Chinese aristocrats during the imperial period. The alternative names section lists all such women mentioned.
persons with degrees of separation from Wives, concubines and courtesans