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Ladies of the Reformation: Memoirs of Distinguished Female Characters, Belonging to the Period of the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century. Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Spain.

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1B20222Ursula, wife of Conrad Cotta
2B20223Katharine von Bora, wife of Martin Luther
3B20224Elizabeth, wife of Joachim I., Elector of Brandenburg
4B20225Elizabeth, wife of Eric, Duke of Brunswick-Calenberg, and afterwards of Prince Poppo of Henneberg
5B20226Sibylla of Cleves, wife of John Frederick, Elector of Saxony
6B20227Katharine, wife of Henry, Prince of Schwartzburg
7B20228Louisa Juliana of Nassau, Electress Palatine
8B20229Anna Reinhard, wife of Ulric Zwingle
9B20230Idelette de Bures, wife of John Calvin
10B20231Louise de Montmorency, Lady Châtillon
11B20232Marguerite de Valois, Duchess of Alençon, afterwards Queen of Navarre
12B20233Jeanne d'Albret, Queen of Navarre
13B20234Charlotte Arbaleste, wife, first of Seigneur de Feuqueres, and secondly, of Philip de Mornay
14B20235Renée, Duchess of Ferrara
15B20236Olympia Morata, wife of Andres Grunthler
16B20237Lavinia della Rovere, Princess Orsini
17B20238Leanor de Cisneros, wife of Antonio Herezuelo
18B20239Doňa Leanor de Vibero, wife of Pedro Cazalla
19B20240The Doňas Gonzalez, sisters of Doctor Juan Gonzalez
20B20241Maria de Bohorques
21B20242Doňa Juana de Bohorques, Baroness of Higuera


  1. Rev. James Anderson · Author


  1. London: Blackie, 1857
  2. Edinburgh: Blackie, 1857
  3. Glasgow: Blackie, 1857
  4. New York: Blackie, 1857