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Women of Courage

  • national, several periods
  • post-1960s list of great women

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1B19260Nightmare at Liberty Hall: Susan Livingston
2B19261First lady under fire: Dolly Madison
3B19262Ordeal in the Owyhee country: Sarah Winnemucca
4B19263Connecticut learns a lesson: Prudence Crandall
5B19264Woman who killed Judge Lynch: Ida Wells-Barnett
6B19265Mother Jones goes to war: Mary Harris Jones
7B19266Trust a woman as a doctor--never!: Elizabeth Blackwell
8B19267United States vs. Susan B. Anthony
9B19268Voice of a race: Marian Anderson
10B19269Good angel of Oklahoma: Kate Bernard
11B19270"I speak as a woman": Margaret Chase Smith
12B19271Doctor who said no: Frances Kelsey


  1. Margaret Truman · Author


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