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Redeeming Eve: Women Writers of the English Renaissance.

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1B18051Learning and virtue: Margaret More Roper
2B18052A challenge to authority: Anne Askew
3B18053Building the city: women writers of the Reformation
4B18054Piety and poetry :Isabella Whitney, Anne Dowriche, Elizabeth Colville, Rachel Speght
5B18055The divine poet: Mary Sidney, Countess of Pembroke
6B18056The making of a female hero: Joanna Lumley and Elizabeth Cary
7B18057The feminization of praise: Aemilia Lanyer
8B18058Heroic virtue: Mary Wroth's Urania and Pamphilia to amphilanthus
9B18059Redeeming Eve: defenses of women and mother's advice books


  1. Elaine V. Beilin · Author


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