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A Book of Golden Deeds of All Times and All Lands. Gathered and Narrated by the Author of The Heir of Redclyffe.

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  • Not=male-female
  • Not=miscellany (varied genres)

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1B17869What is a Golden Deed?
3B17871The Stories of Alcestis and Antigone
4B17872How One Man Has Saved A Host
5B17873The Pass of Thermopylae
6B17874The Two Friends of Syracuse
7B17875The Brave Brethren of Judah
8B17876Withstanding the Monarch in His Wrath
9B17877The Last Fight in the Colosseum
10B17878The Shepard Girl of Nanterre
11B17879Leo the Slave
12B17880Guzman el Bueno
13B17881Faithful till Death
14B17882The Keys of Calais
15B17883The Battle of Sempach
16B17884Sir Thomas More's Daughter
17B17885The Voluntary Convict
18B17886The Housewives of Lowenburg
19B17887Fathers and Sons
20B17888Heroes of the Plague
21B17889The Faithful Slaves of Haiti
22B17890The Petitioners for Pardon
23B17891Agostina of Zaragoza
24B17892Casal Novo
25B17893The Mad Dog
26B17894The Monthyon Prizes
27B17895The Loss of the Drake and the Magpie
28B17896The Chieftainess and the Volcano
29B17897The Rescuers
30B17898The Rescue Party


  1. Charlotte M. Yonge · Editor


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