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A Book of Noble Women.

  • Courtly circles, associated with royal sovereigns
  • good character or deeds
  • writers

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1B17726Jeanne d'Arc, the Maid of France
2B17727Jeanne d'Albret, Queen of Navarre
3B17728Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots
4B17729Mère Angélique
5B17730Marie Thérèse, Queen of Hungary
6B17731Marie Antoinette, Queen of France
7B17732Madame Roland
8B17733Hannah More
9B17734Fanny Burney
10B17735Elizabeth Fry
11B17736Jane Austen
12B17737Dorothy Wordsworth
13B17738Mary Somerville
14B17739Charlotte and Emily Brontë
15B17740Sister Dora
16B17741Elizabeth Barrett Browning


  1. Ethel Mary Wilmot-Buxton · Author


  1. Boston: Small, Maynard, 1907
  2. London: Methuen, 1907