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God's Great Women.

  • Biblical

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1B22964Eve, the mother
2B22965Rebkah, the woman of affairs
3B22966Rachel, the favorite
4B22967Leah, the unloved
5B22968Jochebed, the courageous
6B22969Miriam, the leader
7B22970Rahab, the converted heathen
8B22971Deborah, the judge
9B22972Jael, the deliverer
10B22973Ruth, the foreigner
11B22974Naomi, the gracious
12B22975Hannah, the rewarded mother
13B22976Abigail, the wise
14B22977The Widow of Zarephath
15B22978The Hospitable Shunamite
16B22979God's model woman
17B22980Esther, the beautiful diplomat
18B22981Elizabeth, Mother of the Herald
19B22982Mary, the mother our Lord
20B22983Mary, the spiritual minded
21B22984Martha, the housekeeper
22B22985The Woman of Samaria
23B22986Mary, the healed demoniac
24B22987Dorcas, the friend of the poor
25B22988Priscilla, the happy Christmas worker
26B22989Salome, the ambitious


  1. Jennie Fowler Willing · Author


  1. Louisville, KY: Pentecostal, 1910s?