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Heroic Women of History: Comprising Some of the Most Remarkable Examples of Female Courage, Disinterestedness, Devotion, and Self-Sacrifice of Ancient and Modern Times.

  • eminent models, modern periods
  • good character or deeds
  • military, heroines of battle

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1B17534Saint Genevieve
3B17536Philippa of Hainault
4B17537The Sister of Duguesclin
5B17538Jane, Countess of Monfort
6B17539Joan of Arc
7B17540Joan Hachette
8B17541Margeret of Anjou
9B17542Queen of Navarre
10B17543Mary Stuart
11B17544The Princess of Conde
12B17545Mary Dyre, the Quaker Martyr of N England
13B17546Mrs. Jane Lane
14B17547Lady Fanshawe
15B17548Lady Banks
16B17549Lady Morton
17B17550The Heart of Montrose?
18B17551Lady Grisell Baillie
19B17552Winnifred, Countess of Nithsdale
20B17553Flora Macdonald
21B17554Miss Mackay
22B17555Lady Harriet Acland
23B17556Hellen Walker
24B17557Mme la Rochejaquelin
25B17558Elizabeth Cazotte
26B17559Mlle de Sombreuil
27B17560Gertrude von der Wart
28B17561Mrs. Spencer Smith
29B17562Mlle Ambos
30B17563Catherine I of Russia
31B17564Maria Theresa
32B17565Mme de Drucourt
33B17566Marie Antoinette
34B17567Princess de Lamballe
35B17568Mme Elizabeth
36B17569Charlotte Corday
37B17570Mme Roland
38B17571Mme Desmoulins
39B17572Theresa Cabarus
40B17573Aimee Ladoinski
41B17574Countess de Lavallette
42B17575Mrs. Mott
43B17576Mrs. Brewton
44B17577Mrs. Richard Shubrick
45B17578Elizabeth Zane
46B17579Queen of Georgia
47B17580Mrs. Charles Elliott
48B17581Mrs. Pursley
49B17582Lydia Darragh
50B17583Mrs. Heald
51B17584Mrs. Helm


  1. Henry Clay Watson · Author


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