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Mothers of Famous Men

  • mothers of great men

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1B20972The Mother of Augustine
2B20973The Mother of John Wesley
3B20974The Mother of George Washington
4B20975The Mother of King Edward VII
5B20976The Mother of Johann Wolfgang Goethe
6B20977The Mother of Benjamin West
7B20978The Mother of John Quincy Adams
8B20979The Mother of John B. Gough
9B20980The Mother of Abraham Lincoln
10B20981The Stepmother of Abraham Lincoln
11B20982The Mother of Lord Haldane
12B20983The Mother of Gipsy Smith
13B20984The Mother of Sir Francis Chantrey
14B20985The Mother of Sir James Barrie
15B20986The Mother of Booker T. Washington
16B20987The Mother of John Ashworth


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