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Six Royal Ladies of the House of Hanover.

  • queens and royalty, Britain

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1B19994The Electress Sophia: The Princess Sophia, A Visit and a Marriage, The Duchess, Court Match-Making, The Electress
2B19995Sophia Dorothea of Zell, Wife of George I.: Sophia Dorothea of Zell, Wife of George I.; Konigsmark's Death
3B19996Caroline of Anspach, Wife of George II., and Her Daughters: The Electoral Princess of Hanover and Princess of Wales, At Leicester House and at St. James's, The Queen
4B19997Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Sterlitz, Wife of George III.: A Young Queen-Consort, A Royal Wife and Mother, An Aging and Aged Queen
5B19998Caroline of Brunswick, Wife of George IV.: Royal Bride, A Contentious Couple, A Wandering Princess and Repudiated Wife
6B19999Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, Wife of William IV.: The Duchess, The Queen


  1. Sarah Tytler · Author


  1. London: Hutchinson, 1898
  2. London: Hutchinson, 1899