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Heroines in Obscurity.

  • good character or deeds

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1B20927I. Trustworthiness: How Polly Culpepper Kept Her Father's Castle
2B20928II. Single Heartedness: Joan Walton’s Ways When Fortune Turned Her Wheel
3B20929III. Industry: Jenny's Lesson [no last name]
4B20930IV. Enterprise: A Pearl (Margaret Copeland)
5B20931V. Order: A Helpmeet
6B20932VI. Strength of Body and Mind: The Woman Who Trampled on Dragons (Judith Thynne)
7B20933VII. Endurance: Standing in Her Lot on God's Earth
8B20934VIII. Living Charity: "A – Weary"
9B20935IX. Bounty, Dignity, and Daintiness: Bennet Le Strange (Bennet Le Strange)
10B20936X. Wisdom and Courtesy: Two Visits in Two Letters
11B20937XI. Noble Satisfaction (Levinia Fenton)


  1. Sarah Tytler · Author


  1. London: Strahan, 1871
  2. London: Ward, Lock, and Co, 1890