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British Female Biography: Being Select Memoirs of Pious Ladies in Various Ranks of Public and Private Life: Including Queens, Princesses, Martyrs, Scholars, Instructors, Poetesses, Philanthropists, Ministers' Wives.

  • good character or deeds
  • national, several periods

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1B17347Queen Bertha
3B17349Margaret of Scotland
5B17351Anne, of Bohemia
6B17352Catherine Parr
7B17353Jane Grey
8B17354Mary II
9B17355Princess Claudia, of Rome
11B17357Elizabeth of Bohemia
12B17358Elizabeth, of the Rhine
14B17360Charlotte, of Wales
15B17361Lady Joan Boughton
16B17362Helen Stark
17B17363Lady Anne Askew
18B17364Mrs. Warne
19B17365Joan Lashford
20B17366Joan Waste
21B17367Alice Benden
22B17368Mrs. Lewis
23B17369Cicelly Ormes
24B17370Elizabeth Prest
25B17371Lady Lisle
26B17372Mrs. Gaunt
27B17373Mrs. Roper
28B17374Lady Anna Bacon
29B17375Lady Russel
30B17376Mrs. Carter
31B17377Miss Smith
32B17378Mrs. Hannah More
33B17379Mrs. Martha More
34B17380Miss Neale
35B17381Mrs. Graham
36B17382Miss Graham
37B17383Countess of Pembroke
38B17384Mrs. Rowe
39B17385Mrs. Steele
40B17386Miss Jane Taylor
41B17387Mrs. Bulmer
42B17388Anne, Countess of Pembroke
43B17389Lady Hewley
44B17390Lady Glenorchy
45B17391Selina, Countess of Huntingdon
46B17392Miss Gray
47B17393Mrs. Rupertia Hill
48B17394Mrs. Fry
49B17395Mrs. Baxter
50B17396Mrs. Bury
51B17397Mrs. Wesley
52B17398Mrs. Good
53B17399Mrs. Doddridge
54B17400Mrs. Fletcher
55B17401Mrs. John Clayton


  1. Thomas Timpson · Author


  1. London: Aylott & Jones, 1846