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Pathfinders: A History of the Progress of Colored Graduate Nurses... with Biographies of Many Prominent Nurses.

  • African American
  • Not=miscellaneous history
  • nurses

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2B27142Early Pathfinders
3B27280The First Professional Nurse
4B27281Famous Schools and Their Graduates
5B27282The Colored Red Cross Nurse in the World War
6B27283The Development of Colored Health Centers
7B27284Pathfinders in the Missionary Field
8B27285History of the National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses
9B27286A Glance at the Future
10B27143Louise M. Russell, R.N.
11B27149Cecele B. Anderson, R.N.
12B27140Clara M. Harris, R.N.
13B27146Mary E. Stayley, R.N.
14B27150Marion J. Pettiford, R. N.


  1. Ada B. Thoms · Author


  1. New York: Kay, 1929
  2. New York: Garland, 1985