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Women in the Mission Field: Glimpses of Christian Women among the Heathen.

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1B20847Mary Moffat
2B20848Mary Livingstone
3B20849Anne Hasseltine Judson
4B20850Sarah Boardman Judson
5B20851Dorothy Jones and the Maria Mail Boat
6B20852Margaret Cargill in Tonga and Fiji
7B20853Mary Cryer, the Missionary Saint
8B20854Helen Saker and the Cameroons Mission
9B20855Anna Hinderer in the Yoruba Country
10B20856Mary L. Whately Among the Moslems
11B20857Lydia M. Rouse Among Soldiers and Sailors in India
12B20858A.L.O.E. at Batala


  1. John Telford · Author


  1. London: Kelly, 1895