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Famous Girls of the White House.

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1B20168Nelly Custis: A Girl of Mount Vernon
2B20169Dolly Madison: A Little Quaker Girl
3B20170Martha and Mary Jefferson: The Motherless Daughters of Thomas Jefferson
4B20171The Monroe Girls: Daughters of President Monroe
5B20172"Lovely Emily": A Mistress of the White House
6B20173Angelica Singleton: A Beauty of the White House
7B20174Julia Gardiner: The Girl Who Knew Shadow and Sunshine
8B20175"Miss Betty": A Wild Rose of the White House
9B20176Harriet Lane: A White House Beauty and Belle
10B20177Two White House Brides: 1874-1886
11B20178Alice Roosevelt: A "Princess" of the White House
12B20179Helen Taft: The Girl of the White House Who Was "Different"
13B20180Three Girls in the White House: Daughters of President Wilson


  1. Kate Dickinson Sweetser · Author


  1. New York: Crowell, 1930
  2. New York: Crowell, 1937