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Pioneer Missionary Heroines in America.

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1B20837Pioneer! O Pioneer! Christina Polk McCoy (1784?-1851)
2B20838Stay-at-Home Sallie Sallie Paine Peck (1789-1855)
3B20839Home Maker in a Wildernss Lucy Taft Fisher (1805-1854)
4B20840Missionary and Mother of Missionaries Mary Ann Longley Riggs (1813-1869)
5B20841In the Vanguard Clementina Rowe Butler (1820-1913)
6B20842From Naples to the Yukon Charlotte Selina Cox Bompas (1830-1917)
7B20843Law Making in a New Land Amanda Reed McFarland (1832?-1912)
8B20844Another Mary Carrying the Torch Mary Buel Hatch Riggs (1839-1927)
9B20845Freeing the Freedmen Lura Ellen Brackett Lightner (1850-1925) [sic]
10B20846Pioneering in Our Own Day Dora Edna DeMoulin (1886-1929)


  1. Anna Canada Swain · Author


  1. New York: Baptist Board of Education, Dept. of Missionary Education, 1932