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The Queens of England: A Series of Portraits of Distinguished Female Sovereigns. Drawn and Engraved by Eminent Artists, with Biographical and Historical Sketches, from Agnes Strickland.

  • queens and royalty, Britain

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1B22894Matilda, Queen of Henry I
2B22895Eleanora, Queen of Henry II
3B22896Berengaria, Queen of Richard I
4B22897Isabella, Queen of King John
5B22898Eleanor, Queen of Henry III, Eleanora, First Queen of Edward I
6B22899Marguerite, Second Queen of Edward I
7B22900Isabella, Queen of Edward II
8B22901Philippa, Consort of Edward III
9B22902Anne, First Queen of Richard II
10B22903Isabella, Second Queen of Richard II
11B22904Joanna, Queen of Henry IV
12B22905Katharine, Consort of Henry V
13B22906Elizabeth Woodville, Queen of Edward IV
14B22907Anne, Queen of Richard III
15B22908Elizabeth, Queen of Henry VII
16B22909Katharine, First Queen of Henry VIII
17B22910Anne Boleyn, Second Queen of Henry VIII
18B22911Jane Seymour, Third Queen of Henry VIII
19B22912Katharene Parr, Sixth Queen of Henry VIII
20B22913Mary, First Queen Regnant
21B22914Elizabeth, Second Queen Regnant
22B22915Anne, Queen-Consort of James I
23B22916Henrietta Maria, Queen of Charles I
24B22917Caroline, Queen of George II
25B22918Victoria, Queen Regnant


  1. Agnes Strickland · Author
  2. Elisabeth Strickland · Author


  1. New York: Appleton, 1851