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Woman in Sacred History: A Series of Sketches Drawn from Scriptural, Historical, and Legendary Sources. Illustrated with Twenty-Five Chromo-Lithographs, after Paintings by Raphael, Batoni, Horace Vernet....

  • Biblical

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1B17174Sarah the Princess
2B17175Hagar the Slave
3B17176Rebekah the Bride
4B17177Leah and Rachel
5B17178Miriam, Sister of Moses
6B17179Deborah the Prophetess
7B17180Delilah the Destroyer
8B17181Jephtha's Daughter
9B17182Hannah the Praying Mother
10B17183Ruth the Moabitess
11B17184The Witch of Endor
12B17185Queen Esther
13B17186Judith the Deliverer
14B17187The Mythical Madonna
15B17188Mary the Mother of Jesus
16B17189The Daughter of Herodias
17B17190The Woman of Samaria
18B17191Mary Magdalene
19B17192Martha and Mary


  1. Harriet Beecher Stowe · Author


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