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The Women of the Bible. Delineated in a Series of Sketches of Prominent Females Mentioned in Holy Scripture. By Clergymen of the United States.

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1B17098The Virgin Mary [by] W. Ingraham Kip
2B17099Sarah [by] Erskine Mason
3B17100Elizabeth [by] W.B. Sprague
4B17101Miriam [by] Rev. Charles Wadsworth
5B17102Anna the Prophetess [by] Rev. E.N. Kirk
6B17103Rahab [by] Rev. A.A. Wood
7B17104Herodias [by] Ebenezer Halley
8B17105The Levite's Wife [by] N.S.S. Beman
9B17106Woman of Samaria [by] Rt. Rev. J.P.K. Henshaw
10B17107Zipporah [by] John Todd
11B17108The Canaanitish Woman [by] Thomas Smyth
12B17109The Witch of Endor [by] Samuel Hanson Cox
13B17110Daughter of Jairus [by] William B. Sprague
14B17111Widow of Nain [by] Rt. Rev. J.H. Hopkins
15B17112Michal [by] Rev. J.F. Stearns
16B17113Martha [by] Rev. Robert A. Hallam
17B17114Mary Magdalene [by] Nicholas Murray
18B17115Bathsheba [by] Rev. R.S. Storrs, Jr


  1. William Buell Sprague · Editor
  2. Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright · Editor


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