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Six Great Princesses.

  • French

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1B20036The Regent d'Orleans
2B20037The Regent's Wife
3B20038The Regent's Mother
4B20039The Duchess de Berry - Her Mother's Schemes for Her
5B20040The Duchess de Berry - Her Projected Marriage
6B20041The Duke de Berry - His Bride's Disposition - Matrimonial Preliminaries
7B20042The Duchess de Berry - Her Intrigues
8B20043The Duchess de Berry and Her Mother
9B20044Mme. de Berry's Enhanced Position
10B20045The Duchess de Berry - Death of Her Husband and the King
11B20046The Duchess de Berry - The Regency Begins
12B20047The Duchess de Berry - Her Guards and Her Lover
13B20048The Regent's Suppers
14B20049The Regent's Suppers and Mistresses
15B20050The Duchess de Berry - Magnificence and Repentance
16B20051The Duchess de Berry - Her Marriage and Her Death
17B20052The Duchess de Berry - Mme. de Mouchy and M. de Riom
18B20053The Abbess of Chelles - Her Early Years
19B20054The Abbess of Chelles - She Takes the Veil - Her Installation
20B20055The Abbess of Chelles - Her Mutability - Cardinal de Bissy
21B20056The Abbess of Chelles - Her Last Years and Death
22B20057The Duchess of Modena - Her Love-Affair with Richelieu
23B20058The Duchess of Modena - Her Marriage to Francis d'Este
24B20059The Duchess of Modena - Her Early Married Life
25B20060The Duchess of Modena - Her Later Life and Death
26B20061The Queen of Spain - Her First Years and Marriage
27B20062The Queen of Spain - Her Whims and Ill-Behaviour
28B20063The Queen of Spain - Her Married Life, Troubles and Death
29B20064Mademoiselle de Beaujolais
30B20065The Princess de Conti


  1. Guy Jean Raoul Comte de Soissons · Author


  1. London: Holden, 1913