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Great and Good Women: Biographies for Girls.

  • good character or deeds

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2B16995Queen Catherine Parr
3B16996Jane, Queen of Navarre
4B16997Lady Jane Grey
5B16998Ann Eliot [Wife of Early New England John Eliot]
6B16999The Countess of Suffolk
7B17000The Countess of Warwick
8B17001Mrs. Mary Lloyd [1681-1749, Exemplary New England Mother and Three-Time Wife]
9B17002Mrs Ann Egede [Norwegian Missionary, Wife and Mother, in Greenland]
10B17003The Good Queen [Bertha, Who Converted Ethelbert of Kent to Christianity in 597]
11B17004Mrs Mary Washington
12B17005Elizabeth Fry
13B17006Anne Hasseltine Judson
14B17007Margaret Mercer [1791-1846, Well-Connected American Christian Educator]
15B17008Mrs Wilson [Educator of Women in India]


  1. Lydia Huntley Sigourney · Author


  1. Edinburgh: Nimmo, 1866
  2. Edinburgh: Nimmo, 1871
  3. Edinburgh: Nimmo, Hay & Mitchell, 1885