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The Roman Empresses; or, the History of the Lives and Secret Intrigues of the Wives of the Twelve Caesars: With Historical and Critical Notes.

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  • queens and royalty, Europe

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1B22820Calpurnia, Wife of Julius Ceasar
2B22821Livia, Wife of Augustus
3B22822Julia, Wife of Tiberius
4B22823Livia Orestilla, Lollia Paulina and Caesaonia, Wives of Caligula
5B22824Livia Orestilla, Wife of Caligula
6B22825Lollia Paulina, Second Wife of Caligula
7B22826Caesonia, Third Wife of Caligula
8B22827Valeria Messalina, Wife of Claudius
9B22828Agrippina, Second Wife of Claudius
10B22829Octavia, Wife of Nero
11B22830Popaea, Second Wife of Nero
12B22831Messalina, Third Wife of Nero
13B22832Lepida, Wife of Glaba
14B22833Poppaea, Wife of Otho
15B22834Galeria Fundana, Wife of Vitellius
16B22835Domitilla, Wife of Vespasian, Macrua Furnilla, Wife of Titus
17B22836Domitia, Wife of Domitian
18B22837Plotina, Wife of Trajan


  1. Jacques Roergas de Serviez · Author


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