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Dominant Women.

  • Courtly circles, associated with royal sovereigns
  • Sexuality, hetero
  • world history sample

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1B16976Cleopatra the Magnificent
2B16977Zenobia, Queen of the East
3B16978Theodora of Byzantium
4B16979England's Royal Enigma [Queen Elizabeth]
5B16980Tarabai Rani
6B16981“The Beastly Brace” [Duchesses of Cleveland and Portsmouth, Mistresses of Charles II]
7B16982Duchess Sarah
8B16983Woman-Rule in Russia [Catherine I and Catherine II of Russia, Empress Elizabeth of Russia]
9B16984The Dancer-Politician [Lola Montez]
10B16985“The Old Buddha” [Tze-hi]


  1. Philip Walsingham Sergeant · Author


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