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Studies of Famous Bible Women.

  • Biblical

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1B19852Eve: The New Woman
2B19853Rebekah: Romance and Common Sense
3B19854Jochebed and Miriam: Resolute, Resourceful Women
4B19855Deborah: An Able Leader of Men
5B19856Delilah: A Temptress
6B19857Ruth: A Dependable Woman
7B19858Hannah: Mother of a Great Prophet
8B19859Queen of Sheba: The Seeker after Wisdom
9B19860Widow of Zarephath: Faith Under Difficulties
10B19861Jezebel: The Ruthless Queen
11B19862Esther: Self-sacrifice for a Cause
12B19863Woman of Solomon's Song: The Single Standard
13B19864Mother of Jesus: Best and Best Known
14B19865Wife of Peter: A Hidden Woman
15B19866Woman of Samaria: A Keen Questioner
16B19867Martha and Mary: A Task and a Vision
17B19868Mary Magdalene: A Woman of Large Service
18B19869Mother of James and John: An Ambitious Woman
19B19870Dorcas: A Philanthropic Woman
20B19871Mary, Mother of Mark: An Influential Church Worker
21B19872Lydia: A Business Woman


  1. Henry T. Sell · Author


  1. New York: Revell, 1925