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Boudoir Mirrors of Washington.

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2B19812I. Alice Roosevelt Longworth
3B19813Defying Convention
4B19814The Hatless Woman in the Senate Gallery
5B19815Enter Nick
6B19816Alice the Politician
7B19817Mrs. Woodrow Wilson
8B19818The Woodrow Wilson Language
9B19819Butlers and Cave Dwellers
10B19820The Contrasts of March the Fourth
11B19821The Tongues of Washington
12B19822The Penalties of Greatness
13B19823III. Florence King Harding
14B19824Her Finger on the Pulse
15B19825"Just Folks"
16B19826The Hospitable Hardings
17B19827Four Thousand Handclasps
18B19828IV. Mrs. Calvin Coolidge
19B19829Real Boys
20B19830Smiling Through
21B19831Steering a Safe Course
22B19832Abolishing the Bustle
23B19833Burdens and Beatitudes
24B19834V. Thomas D. Schall, The Blind Congressman (Mrs. Thomas D. Schall)
25B19835VI. Social Publicity
26B19836VII. Mrs. William E. Borah
27B19837VIII. Mrs. Medill McCormick
28B19838IX. Mrs. Miles Poindexter
29B19839X. Cabinet Wives (Mrs. Charles Hughes, Mrs. John Weeks, Mrs. Henry Wallace, Mrs. Edwin Denby, Mrs. Albert Fall)
30B19840XI. Limitations of Social Armaments (Mrs. Stephen Elkins)
31B19841XII. Washington's Diplomatic Set (Madame Riano, Madame Sze, Madame Jusserand, Princess Bibesco)
32B19842XIII. Glimpses of the Great (Lady Geddes)
33B19843XIV. The Floral Offensive, or The Battle of the Buds (Ailsa Mellon)
34B19844XV. Calling Days in the Capital
35B19845XVI. Supreme Court Wives (Mrs. William Howard Taft, Mrs. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Mrs. Louis Brandeis, Mrs. George Sutherland)
36B19846XVII. Wives of Senate Lame Ducks (Mrs. Truman Newberry, Mrs. Atlee Pomerene, Mrs. Joseph Sherman Frelinghuysen, Mrs. Ira Clifton Copley, Mrs. Harry New, Mrs. William Calder)
37B19847XVIII. The Social Lobby (Mrs. John B. Henderson)
38B19848XIX. Dinner Delays (Mrs. Key Pittman)
39B19849XX. Women in Congress (Jeannette Rankin, Alice Robertson, Winnifred Mason Huck, Mae Ella Nolan)
40B19850XXI. Mrs. Herbert Hoover
41B19851XXII. Back to Main Street (Mrs. Frank Wheeler, Mrs. Philip Pitt Campbell, Miss Volstead, Mrs. Wells Goodykoontz, Mrs. Edgar Clarence Ellis, Mrs. William Wallace Chalmers)


  1. Nelle Margaret Scanlan · Author


  1. Philadelphia: Winston, 1923
  2. Chicago: Winston, 1923