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The Women of the Bible: A Portrait Gallery.

  • Biblical

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1B20706Eve, the Mother of All Living
2B20707Adah and Zillah
3B20708Sarah, a Princess
4B20709Hagar, a Bondwoman
5B20710A Monument and a Warning
6B20711Leah the Tolerated, Rachel the Well-Beloved
7B20712Rebekah, the Bride of Destiny
8B20713Jochebed, Miriam and Pharaoh's Daughter
9B20714Rahab of the Scarlet Cord
10B20715Deborah the Prophetess
11B20716Jephthah's Daughter
12B20717Delilah, the Betrayer
13B20718The Story of Ruth and Naomi
14B20719Hannah, the Woman Who Prevailed in Prayer
15B20720Michal, Saul's Daughter
16B20721Abigail, the Wife of a Churl
17B20722The Witch of Endor
18B20723Rizpah the Desolate
19B20724The Queen of Sheba
20B20725The Widow of Zarephath
21B20726Jezebel and Athaliah
22B20727The Shunammite, a Great Lady
23B20728The Little Captive Maid
24B20729Huldah, the Discreet Counsellor
25B20730Vashti the Deposed
26B20731Esther, the Savior of Her People
27B20732The Mother of Belshazzar
28B20733Judith and Holofernes
29B20734Mary, the Mother of Jesus
30B20735Elisabeth, the Wife of Zacharias
31B20736Salome, the Mother of James and John
32B20737The Woman at the Well of Samaria
33B20738Mary of Magdala
34B20739The Ruler's Little Daughter
35B20740Other Women Who Were Healed
36B20741The Daughter of Herodias
37B20742The Sisters of Bethany
38B20743The Widow with the Two Mites
39B20744The Wife of Pilate
40B20745The Women at the Cross
41B20746Mary in the Garden
42B20747The Raising of Dorcas
43B20748A Damsel Named Rhoda
44B20749Lydia, the Hostess
45B20750A Mother and a Grandmother
46B20751The Honor Roll of St. Paul


  1. Margaret Elizabeth Munson Sangster · Author


  1. New York: Christian Herald, 1911