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Queen Victoria and Other Excellent Women.

  • good character or deeds
  • post-1750 achievements

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1B19795Madame de Mornay [by] Rev. J.P. Hobson, M.A.
2B19796Mary Jane Graham, [by] the late Rev. Canon Bell, D.D.
3B19797A. L. O. E., [by] Rev. W. R. Bowman
4B19798Mrs. Mary A. Schimmelpenninck, [by] Mrs. M. C. France
5B19799Elizabeth Prentiss, [by] the late Rev. W. Garden Blaikie, D.D.
6B19800Sarah Martin, [by] Rev. S. F. Harris, M.A.
7B19801Harriet Beecher Stow, [by] Rev. J. Cunningham, M.A.
8B19802Mrs. Sewell, [by] Mrs. Gorges
9B19803Victoria, R.I., [by] the late James Macaulay, M.D.
10B19804Elizabeth Gilbert, [by] Mrs. Gorges


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  1. London: Religious Tract Society, 1903