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Woman's Influence in the East: As Shown in the Noble Lives of Past Queens and Princesses of India.

  • India, South Asia
  • queens and royalty, Asia

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1B19773Sita, the Consort of Rama
2B19774The Princess Draupadi
3B19775The Princess of Canouje
4B19776Sultana Rezia
5B19777The Ranee of Argal
6B19778Dewal Devi, Princess of Guzerat
7B19779Pudmini of Cheetore
8B19780Pretal, the Village Maiden Who Became a Princess
9B19781Princess Korumdevi
10B19782Sooja Bae, Princess of Boondi
11B19783Tara Rae, the Wife of Prithwi Raj
12B19784Queen Kurnarath
13B19785The Empress Noor Jehan, the Light of the World
14B19786Mumtaza Zemani, the Consort of Shah Jehan
15B19787Princess Aesha
16B19788The Ranee of Jodpore
17B19789The Princess of Roopnagurh
18B19790The Begum Sombre
19B19791Ranee Sahib Kour of Pattiala
20B19792The Virgin Princess Kishna
21B19793Princess Damayanti


  1. John J. Pool · Author


  1. London: Stock, 1892