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Heroines of the Missionary Field.

  • African
  • Asia, East
  • India, South Asia
  • missionaries

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1B19746Mrs. Mary Moffat, of the Kuruman, South Africa
2B19747Mrs. Maria Regina Christina Gobat, of Jerusalem
3B19748Mrs. Hannah Catherine Mullen, of Calcutta
4B19749Mrs. Emily C. Judson, of Burmah
5B19750Mrs. Mary Williams, of the South Seas
6B19751Miss Fedelia Fiske, of Persia
7B19752Mrs. Mary M. Ellis, of the South Seas
8B19753Mrs. Dorothy Jones, of the West Indies
9B19754Mrs. Jane Chalmers, of Rarotonga and New Guinea
10B19755Mrs. Anna Hinderer, of Ibadan, West Africa
11B19756Mrs. Sarah Smith, of Madras
12B19757Mrs. Rebecca Wakefield, of Ribé, East Africa
13B19758Miss Susan B. Higgins, of Yokohama, Japan
14B19759Mrs. Hannah Kilham, of Sierra Leone
15B19760Mrs. Mary Hope, of Kunnunkulum, India
16B19761Mrs. Ann H. Judson, of Burmah
17B19762Mrs. Valentine, of Jeypore, North India
18B19763Mrs. Harriet Newell, of India
19B19764Mrs. Margaret Wilson, of Bombay
20B19765Miss Letitia A. Campbell, of Pekin, China
21B19766Mrs. Martha Jowett, of Malta
22B19767Mrs. Krusé, of Egypt
23B19768Miss Mary Gunson, of China
24B19769Mrs. Krapf, of Mombas, East Africa
25B19770Mrs. Eliza Ann Foster, of Jamaica
26B19771Miss Louisa Gomez, of Calcutta
27B19772Brief Memorials of Two Missionary Sisters: Mrs. Mary Cryer, of India, Miss Margaret Burton, of Ceylong


  1. Mrs. Emma Raymond Pitman · Author


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  2. New York: Cassell, 1880