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Royal Favourites.

  • mistresses, courtesans

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1B20653The Favourites of Edward of Caernarvon and Isabel of France
2B20654Maria de Padilla, Favourite of Don Pedro the Cruel
3B20655Agnes Sorel and Charles the Victorious
4B20656Diana of Poitiers
5B20657Henry of Valois and the Minions
6B20658The Favourites of Elizabeth Tudor
7B20659Mary Stuart and Chastelar
8B20660Henry the Great and the Fair Gabrielle
9B20661The Italian Favourites of Marie de’ Medici
10B20662The Favourites of James I. and Anne of Denmark
11B20663The Favourites of Louis the Just (Louis XIII of France)


  1. Sutherland Menzies · Author


  1. London: Maxwell, 1865
  2. London: Harrison, 1866
  3. London: Truscott, 1870