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Women of the Bible.

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1B15454Eve, the Mother of Mankind
2B15455Sarah, the Wife of Abraham
3B15456Sarah and Hagar
4B15457Sarah, and the Angel Visitants
5B15458Sarah and Isaac, the Heir of Promise
6B15459Rebekah of Mesopotamia
7B15460Rebekah as Wife and Mother
8B15461Miriam, the Sister of Moses and Aaron
9B15462Deborah, the Wife of Lapidoth
10B15463Hannah, the Mother of the Prophet Samuel
11B15464Ruth of the Moabites, Great-grandmother of David
12B15465Abigail, the Wife of David
13B15466Jezebel, the Heathen Queen of Israel
14B15467The Woman of Shunem
15B15468Esther, the Jewish Qeen of Abasuerus
16B15469The Women of the New Testament
17B15470Elizabeth, Mother of John the Baptist
18B15471Mary, the Mother of our Lord
19B15472Anna, the Widowed Prophetess
20B15473Herodias, Wife of the Tetrach of Galilee
21B15474The Woman of Syrophenicia
22B15475Mary of Magdala
23B15476Martha and Mary
24B15477The Sisters of Lazarus at Bethany
25B15478Sapphira, the False Witness
27B15480Dorcas, the Benevolent Disciple
28B15481Lydia, the Hospitable Hostess
29B15482Priscilla, Paul’s Helper in Christ


  1. Sarah Towne Smith Martyn · Author


  1. New York: American Tract Society, 1868