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The Empresses of Rome.

  • mothers of great men
  • Wives of Great Men

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1B15367The Making of an Empress
2B15368The End of the Golden Age
3B15369The Wives of Caligula
4B15370Valeria Messalina
5B15371The Mother of Nero
6B15372The Wives of Nero
7B15373The Empresses of the Transition
9B15375Sabina, the Wife of Hadrian
10B15376The Wives of the Stoics
11B15377The Wives of Sybarites
12B15378Julia Domna
13B15379In the Days of Elagabalus
14B15380Another Syrian Empress
15B15381Zenobia and Victoria
16B15382The Wife and Daughter of Diocletian
17B15383The First Christian Empresses
18B15384The Wives of Constantius and Julian
19B15385The Romance of Eudoxia and Eudocia
20B15386The Last Empresses of the West


  1. Joseph McCabe · Author


  1. London: Methuen, 1911
  2. New York: Holt, 1911