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Women of the Bible.

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1B20600Woman: The Ideal According to the Scriptures
2B20601Eve: The Mother of the Human Race
3B20602Sarah: The Wife of Abraham
4B20603Rebekah: The Wife of Isaac
5B20604Rachel: The Mother of Joseph
6B20605Miriam: Singer, Sister, and Patriot
7B20606Ruth: The Foremother of Christ
8B20607Deborah: Judge, Warrior, and Singer
9B20608Jephtha's Daughter: An Example of Filial Devotion
10B20609Delilah: Sampson's Faithless Wife
11B20610Witch at Endor: Who Practiced Sorcery
12B20611Hannah: the Mother of Samuel
13B20612Abigail: The Tragedgy of an Unhappy Marriage
14B20613Queen of Sheba: Solomon's Royal Guest
15B20614Jezebel: Cursed by Her Own Hatred
16B20615The Shunammite: The Hospital Matron
17B20616Queen Esther: The Saviour of Her Own People
18B20617Elisabeth: Mother of John the Baptist
19B20618Mary: The Mother of Jesus
20B20619Anna: Widow and Missionary
21B20620Martha: Who Lived to Serve
22B20621Mary: Who Lived to Worship
23B20622Mary Magdalene: Saved to Minister
24B20623At Jacob's Well: The Woman With a Past
25B20624Woman of Canaan: The Power of a Mother's Plea
26B20625Joanna: Wife of Herod's Steward
27B20626Jairus' Daughter: The Power of a Father's Prayer
28B20627Herodias: Mother of Salome
29B20628Sapphira: The Wife of Ananias
30B20629Dorcas: The Woman of Good Works
31B20630Lydia: The Christian Business Woman
32B20631The Elect Lady: The Ideal Christian Matron


  1. Rev. Algot Theodor Lundholm · Author


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