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The Gilded Beauties of the Second Empire.

  • adventuresses
  • Courtly circles, associated with royal sovereigns
  • performing arts

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2B15300Gay Life and Theatre Wings.
3B15301The High Life of Gay Life.
4B15302Noctambulists and Famous Gamblers.
5B15303The Legend of La Marquise de Paiva.
6B15304Among the Artists: Opera Queens.
7B15305Among the Artists: In the Realm of Operette.
8B15306A Trip to Cytherea.
9B15307Leonide Leblanc
10B15308Anna Deslion.
11B15309Julia Beneni (Known as La Barucci).
12B15310Adele Courtois.
13B15311Esther Guimond.
14B15312Marguerite Bellanger.
15B15313Adele Remy.
16B15314The Heavy Battalion of Cytherea X.


  1. Bryan O'Donnell · Editor
  2. Frédéric Loliée · Author


  1. London: Long, 1909
  2. London: Long, 1910
  3. New York: Brentano's, 1910