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Great Jewish Women.

  • Biblical
  • Jewish (not biblical)
  • one race
  • religious models, not saints

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1B15213Sarah, the Mother of Her People
2B15214Rebecca, the Girl Who Was Kind to Strangers
3B15215Rachel and Leah, the Daughters of Laban
4B15216Jochebed, the Mother Who Saved Her Baby
5B15217Miriam, Who Danced by the Sea
6B15218Deborah, the Woman Judge
7B15219The Daughter of Jephthah
8B15220Ruth, the Girl Who Came from Moab
9B15221Hannah, the Mother of Samuel
10B15222Shulamith, the Girl of the Vineyards
11B15223Huldah, a Teacher in Israel
12B15224Judith of Bethulia
13B15225Esther, a Star of Good Fortune
14B15226Hannah, the Mother of the Seven Martyrs
15B15227Mariamne, a Most Unhappy Queen
16B15228Helena, a Royal Proselyte
17B15229Ima Shalom, the Wise.
18B15230Rachel, Who Gave a Great Leader to Israel
19B15231Beruria, the Learned Wife of Rabbi Meir
20B15232The Wife of Sidon
21B15233Gracia Mendesia, 'The Heart of Her People'
22B15234Maria Nunez of Portugal
23B15235Henriette Herz, the Woman Who Stood at the Crossroads
24B15236Rachel, Queen of the Stage
25B15237Grace Aguilar, a Defender of Her Race
26B15238Judith Montefiore, Traveller in Many Lands
27B15239Rebecca Gratz, a Lady of Old Philadelphia
28B15240Penina Moise, Sweet Singer of Israel
29B15241Emma Lazarus, Poet of Her People
30B15242Clara de Hirsch, a Wise and Generous Giver
31B15243Lina Straus, Who Heard the Cry of the Needy
32B15244Sophie Irene Loeb, the Friend of Little Children
33B15245Sarah Chizick, a Lover of Palestine


  1. Mrs. Elma Ehrlich Levinger · Author


  1. New York: Behrman's Jewish Book House, 1940