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Princesses, Ladies, and Republicaines of the Terror.

  • French


1B15072Marie-Antoinette-Unhappy Queen
2B15073Forgotten and Unknown Women of the Revolution
3B15074The Princesse de Lamballe
4B15075Charlotte Corday d'Armont
5B15076Madame Roland, née Manon Phlipon
6B15077Anne-Josèphe Terwagne, Known as Théroigne de Méricourt
7B15078The Mystery of the Child in the Temple
8B15079Lucille Desmoulins and Gabrille Danton
9B15080Two Active "Républicaines": Olympe de Gouges and Claire-Rose Lacombe
10B15081Madame Elizabeth, Sister of Louis XVI
11B15082The Holocaust of Robespierre: The Red Mass of the 29th of Prairial, Year II
12B15083The Devotees of Robespierre: The Cult of the "Mother of God"
13B15084Madame Tallien, Princesse de Caraman-Chimay
14B15085Madame de Talleyrand, Princess of Benevento
15B15086Pauline de Montmorin, Comtesse de Beaumont
16B15087Delphine de Sabran, Marquise de Custine


  1. Thérèse Louis Latour · Author


  1. London: Kegan Paul, 1930
  2. Paris: Figuière, 1930
  3. New York: Knopf, 1930