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The Queens of England and Their Times: From Matilda, Queen of William the Conqueror, to Adelaide, Queen of William the Fourth.

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1B22584Matilda of Flanders, Queen of William the Conqueror
2B22585Matilda Atheling, First Queen of Henry the First
3B22586Adelicia of Louvaine, Second Queen of Henry the First
4B22587Berengaria of Navarre, Queen of Richard the First
5B22588Isabella of Angouleme, Queen of John
6B22589Eleonora of Provence, Queen of Henry the Third
7B22590Eleonora of Castile, First Consort of Edward the First
8B22591Margaret of France, Second Queen of Edward the First
9B22592Philippa of Hainault, Queen of Edward the Third
10B22593Anne of Bohemia, First Queen of Richard the Second
11B22594Joanna of Navarre, Queen of Henry the Fourth
13B22596Katherine of France, Queen of Henry the Fifth
14B22597Margaret of Anjou, Queen of Henry the Sixth
15B22598Elizabeth Woodville, Queen of Edward the Fourth
16B22599Anne of Neville, Queen of Richard the Third
17B22600Elizabeth of York, Queen of Henry the Seventh
18B22601Katherine of Arragon, First Queen of Henry the Eighth
19B22602Anne Boleyn, Second Queen of Henry the Eighth
20B22603Jane Seymour, Third Queen of Henry the Eighth
21B22604Anne of Cleves, Fourth Queen of Henry the Eighth
22B22605Katherine Howard, Fifth Queen of Henry the Eighth
23B22606Katherine Parr, Sixth Queen of Henry the Eighth
24B22607Mary, First Queen Regant


  1. Francis Lancelott · Author


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