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Women of Versailles: The Court of Louis XIV.

  • French

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1B14661The Chateau of Versailles
2B14662Louis XIV and His Court in 1682
3B14663Queen Marie Thérèse
4B14664Madame de Montespan in 1682
5B14665Madame de Maintenon in 1682
6B14666The Bavarian Dauphiness
7B14667The Marriage of Madame de Maintenon
8B14668Madame de Maintenon's Apartment
9B14669The Marquise de Caylus
10B14670Madame de Maintenon and the Gentlewomen of Saint-Cyr
11B14671The Duchess of Orleans
12B14672Madame de Maintenon As A Political Woman
13B14673Madame de Maintenon's Letters
14B14674The Old Age of Madame de Montespan
15B14675The Daughters of Louis XIV
16B14676The Ducess of Burgundy


  1. Elizabeth Gilbert Martin · Translator
  2. Baron Arthur Léon Imbert de Saint-Amand · Author


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