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Marie Antoinette at the Tuileries, 1789-1791.

  • French
  • Not=autobiography

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1B14628The Installation at the Tuileries
2B14629A Visit from the National Assembly
3B14630Paris at the Close of 1789
4B14631The Execution of the Marquis de Favras
5B14632The Dauphin and Madame Royale
6B14633The Royal Family at Saint Cloud
7B14634Marie Antoinette's Interview with Mirabeau
8B14635The Festival of the Federation
9B14636Mirabeau's Double Role
10B14637The Departure of the King's Aunts
11B14638The Knights of the Poniard
12B14639The Death of Mirabeau
13B14640The Religious Question
14B14641The Holy Week of 1791
15B14642Preparation for Flight
16B14643June Twentieth,1791
17B14644The Departure
18B14645June Twentieth, 1791,in Paris
19B14646The Journey
20B14647The Arrest
21B14648The Night at Varennes
22B14649The Departure from Varennes
23B14650The Return
24B14651Marie Antoinette and Barnave
25B14652Pétion's Account
26B14653The Return to the Tulieries
27B14654The Captivity in the Tuileries
28B14655Paris During the Suspension of Royalty
29B14656The Emigration
30B14657Acceptance of the Constitution
31B14658Marie Antoinette's Last Evening at the Theatre
32B14659The Duke of Orleans in 1791
33B14660The Return of the Princess de Lamballe to the Tuileries


  1. Baron Arthur Léon Imbert de Saint-Amand · Author


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