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Biographical Sketches of the Queens of England, from the Norman Conquest to the Reign of Victoria; or, Royal Book of Beauty. Illustrated by Twenty-Eight Highly-Finished Portraits on Steel.

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1B14488Matilda of Flanders, Queen of William the Conqueror
2B14489Matilda of Scotland, Queen of Henry I
3B14490Adelais of Louvaine, Second Queen of Henry I
4B14491Matilda the Empress, Daughter of Henry I
5B14492Matilda of Boulogne, Queen of Stephen
6B14493Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of Henry II
7B14494Berengaria of Navarra, Queen of Richard I
8B14495Isabella of Angouleme, Queen of John
9B14496Eleanor of Provence, Queen of Henry III
10B14497Eleanor of Castille, Queen of Edward I
11B14498Marguerite of France, Second Queen of Edward I
12B14499Isabella of France, Queen of Edward II
13B14500Philippa of Heinault, Queen of Edward III
14B14501Anne of Bohemia, Queen of Richard II
15B14502Isabella of Valois, Second Queen of Richard II
16B14503Joanna of Navarre, Queen of Henry IV
17B14504Katherine of Valois, Queen of Henry V
18B14505Margaret of Anjou, Queen of Henry VI
19B14506Elizabeth Woodville, Queen of Edward IV
20B14507Anne of Warwick, Queen of Richard III
21B14508Elizabeth of York, Queen of Henry VII
22B14509Katherine of Aragon, Queen of Henry VIII
23B14510Anne Boleyn, Second Queen of Henry VIII
24B14511Jane Seymour, Third Queen of Henry VIII
25B14512Anne of Cleves, Fourth Queen of Henry VIII
26B14513Katherine Howard, Fifth Queen of Henry VIII
27B14514Katherine Paar, Sixth Queen of Henry VIII
28B14515Lady Jane Grey
29B14516Mary the First, Queen Regnant
30B14517Elizabeth, Queen Regnant
31B14518Anne of Denmark, Queen of James I
32B14519Henrietta Maria, Queen of Charles I
33B14520Katherine of Braganza, Queen of Charles II
34B14521Mary Beatrice of Modena, Queen of James II
35B14522Mary the Second, Queen of William III
36B14523Anne, Queen Regnant
37B14524Caroline of Anspach, Queen of George II
38B14525Charlottes of Mechlenberg Strelitz, Queen of George III
39B14526Caroline of Brunswick, Queen of George IV
40B14527Adelaide of Saxe Meiningen, Queen of William IV


  1. Mary Howitt · Editor


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